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Jessica Leon -   

Positions that require training in advance or full season commitment are indicated. Other positions are easy to learn and lots of fun! Our more experienced volunteers are always glad to help!


Inputs all data into computer prior to meet, creates heat sheets, and maintains all data including team records and all meet results. Enters results into the computer at the meet.

*This position requires training and is a season long commitment.

Exchange judges watch the relay exchanges to ensure that they are legal. This job is for relays only, which are held at the beginning and end of meet
*Must attend a training clinic at the beginning of each season to volunteer in this position.

Organizes and briefs the Lane Timers on their duties prior to the meet, and is in charge of the Lane Timers throughout the meet. Coordinates with Computers and Coaches as needed.

Responsible for getting water to all volunteers (timers, judges, runners, etc.) as well as coaches. Cooler of bottled water is provided.

Use a stopwatch to time individual lanes and write down times. The number of volunteers needed varies based on the number of lanes and the location of the meet. Typically there are 2 or 3 timers per lane. Arrive 15 minutes prior to each meet for instructions. Don't stress or be afraid to try this position, there are several layers of backup times. We always need lots of timers and the meets cannot start until these positions are all filled.

Be on the lookout for any situations at meets that may be a safety issue. Periodically stroll around the meet location, including where the teams are set up. This position does crowd control at the Georgetown Recreation Center meets. Try to keep main doorway cleared as much as possible. Once the first relays are over, the crowd will generally clear. Direct spectators should be asked to stand along walls or outside if the bleachers are full. If spectators bring in food, kindly tell spectators that no food or drink other than water is allowed in the Rec Center and direct them to the room with tables and vending machines. Please do remember that you represent the teams and schools, so kindness and respectful direction is important. This job is not as bad as it sounds! It's especially easy at the Village Pool.

This position is needed at large meets held at the Georgetown Recreation Center. Volunteer sorts ribbons for 1st thru 8th place and affixes labels of top finishers to ribbons. Computers print labels about every 7 events. Volunteers are set up in vending machine room. Go to Computers and ask for labels after event 7. Be courteous of any computer delays, just sit and wait if necessary. Sort ribbons by team in baggies or envelopes. Volunteers must stay until final results are entered in computer and labels printed.

A runner is the volunteer who collects time sheets from all the lane timers, generally after each event, but check with the computer volunteers for how often they would like time sheets collected. A second runner collects DQ (disqualified) slips from the judges when they hold them up. Deliver time sheets and DQ slips to Computers.

The Stroke Judges work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of each pair being from each team. They observe strokes and turns to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke.
*Must attend a clinic prior to the start of the season to volunteer in that position.

Write the current event and heat on the dry erase board in a location where all swimmers, spectators and coaches are able to view. Bring a chair for meets held at the village pool so you can sit by the board and keep it current.

Sit at or near the finish. Write down the order of finish for each heat as it's completed; especially top finishers. This can be tracked by lanes, for example a finish order could be lane 4, 6, 5, 3, 1, 2, 7, 8.


Collect entry fee at certain large meets.

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