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Policies and Procedures


  • Always be on time, present and engaged for all swimming activities and practices.
  • Give your best effort in the classroom.
  • Help take care of all high school practice and meet facilities.
  • Be committed to your teammates, coaches, and the swimming program.
  • Treat teachers, administrators, teammates, officials, and opponents with respect.


A student will NOT BE CLEARED for participation in tryouts, in-season or off-season practices, or meets, UNTIL ALL OF THE REQUIRED ITEMS BELOW HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED.


  1. Physical/Medical History Form (Submit in Person to the Trainer)
  2. Catastrophic Insurance (Submit in Person to the Trainer, cost $5)
  3. Rankone Electronic Paperwork (Submit Electronically)
  4. UIL Previous Athletic Participation Form **Only for swimmers new to GISD. Submit in person to Coach Ginger. (see below)

Please visit GISD ONLINE PARTICIPATION FORMS for full details on each of the required items to be submitted and to submit the online portion of the paperwork. The athletic handbook is now included as part of the online forms. Physical/medical history form, catastrophic insurance, and payment must be completed and turned into the trainers' office by the first day of school.

All physicals must be dated after May 1, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

In addition to the above, any swimmer that has moved into GISD and has not been in the swimming program for 365 concurrent days, entire prior season, must submit the UIL Previous Participation Athletic Form to Coach Ginger LaRaia.

The swimmer will not be able to compete in a meet until this is done.


Practice is held at the Village pool, 370 Village Commons Drive. Students may drive themselves to practice (with parent permission) from school or may ride the bus provided. All swimmers must provide their own transportation home.

Practice on School Holidays:

Swimmers will have practice on early release days (12:30-2:30), and on certain school holidays (8:30-10:30). These are listed on the swim schedule.


All athletes will:

  • Travel to and from all away meets with the team.
  • If an athlete needs to ride home from the meet with their parents, send an email at least 24 hours in advance to Coach Ginger.
  • Under no circumstances will an athlete be released to ride with anyone other than their parents, or a person designated by their family.
  • Dress neatly and properly on all trips. Coaches will advise the swimmers in regards to the proper attire.
  • Conduct himself/herself properly on the school bus or in any school vehicle. He/she will follow the printed rules for bus ridership that govern all Georgetown ISD bus riders.


There may be times when teams will be participating in overnight trips. In these instances the athlete must:

  • Abide by the curfew set by the head coach.
  • Not be in different gender rooms at any time.
  • Travel to and from the meet with the team.
  • Be aware that coaches may ask to check the athlete’s bags before leaving for the trip.
  • Athletes must adhere to the expectations for students in the GISD Student Code of Conduct.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use (including no electronic cigarettes or inhalants).
  • Athletes are responsible for helping keep the bus clean, and will help clean the bus after each meet once we return to the school.


Injured athletes will be required to attend all practices and meets. If an athlete becomes injured, they must report it to Coach Ginger and the Athletic Trainers at GHS.

If a swimmer is too ill to participate in swim or drylands at practice, they must stay home, take a note to the attendance office when better, and email Coach Ginger:

Athletes must submit the GHS Physician's Note for the majority of injuries/illnesses and, in the event of a concussion, must also submit the GHS Academic Accommodations for concussions and GISD Multi-day Symptom Scale for Concussions.

The GHS Physician's Note must be submitted to a GHS Athletic Trainer before the student-athlete will be allowed resume ANY participation in athletics.

GHS Trainers:

Chad Hennessey, M.S. Ed., ATC, LAT

Office Phone: 512-943-5000 ext. 7200

Fax: 512-943-5125


Vanessa Redeaux M.S., ATC, LAT, NASM-CES

Office Phone: 512-943-5000 ext. 7213

Fax: 512-943-5125



Athletes must conduct themselves in a manner that will bring pride and honor to their high school, the Georgetown community, and the athletic program. No athlete involved in the swimming program has the right to do or say anything that might hurt, embarrass, or degrade themselves, their teammates, or coaches. Conduct that does not reflect the values of the Georgetown community will be handled with the appropriate disciplinary action.

Penalties for Inappropriate Athlete Conduct

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Parent meeting/Athlete Behavior Agreement
  • Meet Suspension
  • Dismissal from team

Conflicts with Policy or Personnel

This section is included for conflict resolution purposes between athlete and coach or parent and coach. Any conflict with swimming policy or coaches should be handled in accordance to the following protocol:

  1. Meet with Coach Ginger at a mutually appointed time, not during or after a meet or practice.
  2. Meet with the GHS Athletic Coordinator, Rhonda Farney, and Coach Ginger at a mutually appointed time.


A swimmer who is in good standing, has at least 90% attendance for the year, scores points in two or more competitions as an individual, or as part of a relay team, and competes in the District 18-5A meet will receive a letter. Letters can be forfeited for the following reasons: dismissal from team, quitting the team, or grade ineligibility.


There will be times when some athletes find it necessary to quit swimming before, during or after the season.

Whatever the reason, an athlete must follow the steps listed below:

  1. The athlete should think the whole situation through before reaching a final decision.
  2. The athlete should talk to the coach to see if a solution can be reached without having to quit. A conference between the parents, athlete, and coach, or any combination thereof, may be required, and is highly recommended before an athlete will be permitted to quit.
  3. If an athlete decides to quit, he/she must check out of the sport just as he/she would check out of any academic class.
  4. All equipment must be turned in clean. The athlete must pay for any equipment not returned to the coach of the sport he/she is leaving in order to join the other sport. If the coach does not give permission, the athlete must wait until the first sport has completed its season before joining the new sport.
  5. While the athlete waits, he/she will be placed in a regular physical education class.


  1. Missed Meet: A GHS swimmer who misses a swim meet without Coach Ginger’s permission will lose their ability to letter. Injured athletes will attend the meet with the team.
  2. Excused Absences: an excused absence is one where prior notice has been given to Coach Ginger of the absence. There will be a make-up set completed the next day.
  3. Unexcused or Unverified Absences: an unexcused absence occurs when a swimmer misses practice without notifying Coach Ginger concerning the missed practice. This will result in conditioning drills in addition to the make-up set. Unexcused absences that become habitual will initiate parent contact and possible dismissal from the team.
  4. Leaving practice early/ arriving late: swimmer that must leave practice early or arrives late will complete physical conditioning at the end of practice.

USA Club Swimming:

A GISD swimmer with at least two 2019 USA Sectional Time Standards in high school events may leave early from practice to attend a USA Swimming club practice no more than four days a week. The student athlete must spend at least 30 minutes of the GISD practice participating in team meetings, stretching, and/or beginning of practice activities. Additional dryland training may be approved at the discretion of Coach Ginger.

High school swimmers who also swim with a USA swimming club and do not meet the above requirement may leave practice early to attend a USA Swimming club practice no more than two days a week. The student athlete must participate in high school practice for at least 60 minutes one the days they leave early.

These exceptions only apply to USA Swimming club swimmers attending a full club schedule to include any weekday morning practices and Saturday practices.

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